The Idiot's Guide to Six Nations

If you don’t know about the Six Nations Championship, then you are missing out on a lot. It is unofficially dubbed as the European Championship. The Six Nations included in this annual rugby tournament are England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland Italy and France. If you are rooting for a home team, it is best to get your six nations 2016 tickets early as the fixtures for the next year’s tournament have already been put in place. In 2015, Ireland emerged as the Six Nations champions winning the trophy over England and Wales by virtue of point differential.

Under the Six Nations Championships, there are also other regular competitions that the teams fight for including the Calcutta Cup, the Centenary Quaich, the Millennium Trophy and the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy. England and Scotland contend for the Calcutta Cup while France and Italy battle it out in the field for the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy. Ireland faces Scotland for the Centenary Quaich and squares off against England for the Millennium Trophy.

The Triple Crown Trophy, on the other hand, can be won by Ireland, Scotland, England or Wales, considered the Home Nations. They are the four teams that belonged to the first championship established in the 1800s called Home Nations. It is given to the home nation that bests the other three. The current Triple Crown champion is England as they beat Scotland, Ireland and Wales in 2014.

The games are exciting to watch, especially in home stadiums. Fans who do not get to purchase six nations 2016 tickets will just have to content themselves to watching live broadcasts at home or cheer for their teams along with other fans in pubs. Six nations 2016 tickets are hard to obtain and they run out months before any actual game starts so be sure to get yours as early as today.

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